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About Us

Microbes are Us

Code Cracker (CC) is a Singapore Foodbiotics company utilising evidence-based ingredients to develop novel food products.
We bring together scientific expertise and commitment  to Crack the Code that slows down ageing.
We are uniquely positioned to disrupt the current market through our Inside Out Approach.
We have already identified active ingredients (nutritives) that can be easily produced on a large scale for the mass market.

Foundations of Code Cracker

Let food be thy medicine ~ Hippocrates

We are built on three foundations:

We collaborate with a network of scientific experts in the gut microbiome-host interaction to bring the latest innovations and cutting-edge solutions to the people.

Together with our collaborators, we ensure that our products are appropriately tested and backed with scientific claims. 

We have in-house Research and Development expertise and global business leaders to drive the direction and development of our organisation.

Code Cracker's Solution

Inside Out Approach

We use novel microbe metabolites to support body function and slow down Biological Ageing, because:

Therefore, our Inside Out Approach leverages the gut microbes natural abilities to better support the host

inside out man.png
Nutritive foods help regulate the gut microbiome and production of beneficial metabolites

Microbial metabolites support body function and slow down Biological Ageing
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Evidence–based solutions

Brand Overview

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